At H.R.Green Fields Sr. Sec. School, our primary objective is to provide an environment and educational experience that will enrich and contribute to the intellectual, social, physical, spiritual, emotional, and creative development of each child. In addition to promoting excellence in academics, we aim to make our students into thinking, responsible and sensitive individuals who will be excellent contributors to society.

A child’s mind, particularly in its formative years is tender and receptive. It is like a fertile field, ready to spring forth. It is essential to cultivate such fields with great care for sustained growth. The school strives to provide the most appropriate atmosphere and inputs for the minds of the children, so that they have the opportunity to blossom - and yield fruit.

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As I say adieu to the year 2013, I reminisce the glorious past and the spectrum of the school activities ranging from Inter–School, Inter–Class competitions, discussions, lessons in self governance, leadership skills, dramatics, quiz, recitation, elocution, student development programmes, drawing, painting, handwriting competitions…… fostered a sense of healthy competition, in totality bringing about a purposive change in the facets Read More...


The renowned psychologist Carl Jung said, “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” We stand on the threshold of a new beginning, having covered a quarter of a century in the endeavour to create independent thinking, creative and sensitive individuals, who will serve as torch bearers to further ignite many more minds and create a world, painted with love, beauty and happiness Read More...