As I say adieu to the year 2013, I reminisce the glorious past and the spectrum of the school activities ranging from Inter–School, Inter–Class competitions, discussions, lessons in self governance, leadership skills, dramatics, quiz, recitation, elocution, student development programmes,drawing,painting,handwriting competitions…… fostered a sense of healthy competition, in totality bringing about a purposive change in the facets of students personality and widened the realms of understanding and vision. It unraveled the inner talent and potential, civic and moral responsibility, charts competition; creativity show and Sports Day show cased their ingenuity and talent.

As the new year ushers, we move ahead with a strong resolve to achieve our future endeavours and devote ourselves and contribute our might to the shaping of our students destiny to spread the fragrance of love and compassion. Let us put our heart and soul to enable our children to accelerate the pace of progress to meet the challenges of ever changing society.

We are living in knowledge society. The maxim “Knowledge is Power” holds good, because it enables one to think and get ideas, ideas in turn provide us the Know How. Today what matters is how fast and how much better one can do the same tasks; Miniaturizing and Fast Tracks are the catch words. Knowledge is expanding so fast that we need to keep pace with it to cope up with its explosion.

Our vision and aspiration is to equip all the children to make the memory of the campus with the fondness and enable them to second none and be the winner and reach the pinnacle of the success.

The aspiration to excel, to scale impossible heights points out to the requirement of exploring our vision – of bringing to existence a glorious future. Parents and Teachers have a collective responsibility towards shaping our youth, inculcating right values and desired attitude in grooming children to be nation builders.

Academic year 2014- 15 holds promises and challenges and we move ahead with the renewed synergy and vibrance to transform school into a citadel of knowledge and carve a niche. We have taken up the intricate challenging task of nurturing and grooming students into responsible, thoughtful, enterprising citizens being fully aware of the ethical principles, moral values and aesthetics. The firm foundation which is provided to every student transforms him into a successful child with a sense of personal fulfillment, our ideas of holistic education provide conscious development of instincts, broadening and profoundness of emotions, blossoming of intelligences and liberating perspective of universal awareness. We live in a borderless world reduced to a global village. Let us make a resolve to prepare our younger generation to face the challenges of ever changing technologically advanced world with fairness and enable them to decipher between right and wrong and stand for what is right and make a difference by being proactive and contribute to the society and establish a bond and harmony with nature. Let every child understand why there is a black hole in the ozone layer and contribute in reducing environmental pollution. Natural resources are limited and needs are unlimited. Let our young minds take up the cause of protecting mother earth with missionary zeal and contribute in conserving energy and natural resources.

It is indeed a matter of great pride for me to be a part of the institution for the past fifteen years which has grown from infancy to maturity. I would like to thank all the parents for their co-operation and coordination in implementing our policies and philosophy of education. I solicit your cooperation and coordination in realizing our goals.

  • Mr. M.S.Gulia
  • Principal